Soft, breathable, chunky throw that looks as good as it feels.

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  • Perfect for All Seasons

    In summer our lightweight throw keeps you warm in A/C room. As winter throws, it is nimbly to be a shawl or scarf to warm you up outdoors.

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  • Fantastical Design

    Nicely neutral solid knit design and well-arranged rustic farmhouse style fringes, which is a pretty easy way to match your room.

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  • Soft Breathable Fabric

    Polyester microfiber has an extra fluffy silky smooth touch feeling while ensuring that it is absolutely breathable and skin-friendly.

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  • Versatile Uses

    Perfect for snuggling up in your living room/bedroom. Also suitable for you to take a nap, keep warm or relieve tiredness.

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Pair Pillows with Throws to Refresh Your Space's Look for Each Season.

  • Effortless Sophistication

    Build a classic, trend-proof bed with
    bedding layers and touches of bright, dimensional texture.

  • Bright & Distinguisted

    Build a deeply relaxing space with softer-than-soft fabrics in our most modern tone.

  • Soft & Cozy

    Bring cool-toned layers into your room with our velvety, breathable fabric.

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  • Responsibly Sourced Materials

    Materials are grown, collected, and manufactured according to fundamental environmental, social, and ethical accountability benchmarks.

  • Recycled Water

    Products that use recycled water in the washing and dyeing process.To reduce ground water depletion by providing an alternative supply for non potable water uses.

  • Non-Toxic & Low VOC

    Textiles help reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure while aiding in creating healthier indoor environments.

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