Defining + Decorating with Teal Blue

Defining + Decorating with Teal Blue

Teal is actually a mix of both blue and green, but skews heavily blue. Fun fact: The name teal is believed to originate from a duck named the common teal, because the blue-green shade surrounds its eyes. Pretty cool, right?

The color teal can be made by mixing blue and green into a white base. To deepen the hue, it can also be mixed with a black or grey base.

From teal and grey, to teal and brown, to teal and pink, to teal and gold, there are almost an infinite amount of colors you can pair with this versatile hue. We’ll even show you a few of our favorite teal color combos below.


Teal Decor
If you prefer to sprinkle teal throughout your space, it makes for a great pop of color and even goes well with other shades of blue. In fact, you can create a serene sea-inspired space with teal accents - including lamps, pillows and throw blankets - plus a few coastal, beachy accessories.


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